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Here’s another response in reply to this email. This reply was on June 7, 2018.



On 6/13/2017

Me: Good seeing you in good health at Fennboree. I have seen some debate on the forums lately about using the book with the poem. As you have stated the poem is in the book, but we all know the poem is also on hundreds of websites. In this regard does one really need the book in order to solve the clues in the poem?

FF: No E, not really.

Capture2On 6/14/2016

Me:  …how many pages would it take to write down the solution AND steps in how to get there?

FF:   Size of a sticky note.


On 5/16/2016

Me:  …..did you visit (your secret) in the winter? In the summertime? I guess what I’m asking is do you know what happens to your ‘secret’ during the season changes?

FF:  Good question. I’ve only been there during the summer.

CaptureOn 2/15/2016

Me: Good afternoon Mr. Fenn, I have a hypothetical question: If the U.S. government fell today and all road signs, all government landmarks, and all labels and names removed from existence and maps….would it still be possible to solve the clues in the poem? Assuming of course nothing changed the actual physical landscaping of the Rockies. Basically when you mentioned the chase could last 1000 years, are you assuming so would the U.S. government and their duty to mark landmarks, etc.

FF: I could still go back and get the treasure.

capture5On 10/15/2015 – Reply from an email chain

FF:   Best wishes, Charles was very clever and I feel on to something (Not referring to the poem, but to a project Forrest and him had discussed in the past). Don’t spend a lot of time on the last page (of TTOTC) like he did, not unless you need a good font type. (I had mentioned Charles was heavily involved in solving the meaning of the Omegas)

Chasing Fenn

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