The Forward – State Location Solved!?

If you’re a devoted member of Fenn’s chase you’ve most likely have seen the “game changer” Forward written for Forrest Fenn’s new book Once Upon a While. This Forward, written by Douglas Preston, was made public on Jenny’s blog.

From this spurred one of the most thought provoking quotes in recent memory….

“The final clue, he said, would be where they found his car: in the parking lot of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.”

But wait, in 2012 Forrest Fenn had told a news reporter, Tony Doukopil, this….

“So when Forrest puts his body next to the treasure and dies he’s afraid that people will find his car and the location of the car would be Northern Arizona University. So there could be some significance to Northern Arizona University.”

So which is it, parking in Denver or parking in Flagstaff?
The answer, at long last, tells us the search state……………….

New Mexico!!!!!

Why you may ask?
Look at this map (see below). See how almost exact both locations are from Santa Fe, NM.


This about confirms that Forrest Fenn’s intention was to drive about 400 miles out-of-the-way, in a rental car, park and possibly take a bus back to New Mexico to hide the treasure and end his life.

I believe Fenn changed his mind about where to park his car (or where to say he was going to park his car), because Denver is, in a way, the center of the Rockies. From there he could of driven up or he could of driven south. But parking his car in Arizona there’s truly only one state he would be heading to.

One thing is for sure. Forrest Fenn’s friends know and have a lot more information about the chase and the treasure than any of us.

5 thoughts on “The Forward – State Location Solved!?”

  1. where you would have found his car was at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West which houses five museums. the hint is to here, in Cody Wyoming not Denver. the chest of the poem is at one of its five museums, the Draper Museum of Natural History.



      1. kris, Fenn is tricky dont assume that when he uses the word “it’s” that the “it’s” is the bronze box. the “it’s” he used in his statement….”it’s not associated with a structure so dont go digging up any old outhouses.” was referring to the treasure and in this case treasure means great outdoors, the great outdoors is not associated with a structure. not the bronze box. and of course, the “chest” mentioned in the poem is something else entirely. read Dal’s blog homepage the paragraph entitled..”more caution” this explains what i mean.

        and kris, i assume your comment was directed towards me?
        i think.


  2. He’d park his car at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science as close as he could to the Giant Bronze Columbian Mammoth at the NW corner of the building, just after his funeral.


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