Not in a desert?!?

If your solve is in the desert, get a new solve” – ff

Kind of a weird statement given my Fenn don’t you think? I mean, so far, the deaths and “mishaps” involving the treasure have all been centered around water. Nobody has died in the desert looking for his treasure. Nobody has been hurt in the desert looking for his treasure. So why mention this?

It gets weirder.
Take the map below.


I’m hardly seeing a desert threat for someone looking for the treasure in the “treasure states.” Particularly in New Mexico where the main concentration of desert land is south of Santa Fe.

I’m not big on everything Fenn says is a clue, but could this be one?
Are there any “deserts” hidden north of Santa Fe?

And it just so happens….


Great Sand Dunes National Park

It’s just hugging the base of Sangre De Cristo Mountains range.
The “mountains” that are directly “north of Santa Fe“?
The mountains known as the blood of Christ. Didn’t Fenn say, “My church is in the mountains“? (A subtle clue from the book?)

Does Forrest Fenn want this treasure hunt over with soon?
Could this be a subtle clue to narrow down the search area, not just to the state, but to one particular mountain range?

If only I can find where warm waters halt…….. 😦


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