The Forrest Fenn Curse

As with most prophecies, this one came to me in a dream.  In my dream I was walking through the forest near the bottom of a mountain, I looked down and saw the shadow of the chest.  When my eyes followed the shadow I saw it was projecting from beyond the horizon; to infinity. And then it spoke:

“Nigh I shall reveal
Until in the wood souls are lost;
Nine whose life I steal.
By earth, by water, and by frost.”

From what I can tell this is the first time the Forrest Fenn treasure has a curse attached to it. Or maybe its the last time I mix Tylenol and Benadryl before bed.


10 thoughts on “The Forrest Fenn Curse”

  1. if there is any curse attached to Forrest Fenn it is in the fact that he can say one thing and mean something else entirely….his “treasure” is the great outdoors anywhere north of santa fe the poem leads you. the “chest” mentioned in the poem is not the bronze box. the chest of the poem is a large wooden box in a display at the Draper Museum of Natural History in Cody, WY. he never said the poem would lead to the bronze box. he said “following the poem precisely would lead to the end of his rainbow and the treasure” (meaning the great outdoors.).



      1. hi Erica! i thought you were gone forever. glad to see that is not the case. i have tons of info for you if you want.


      2. erica, believe me i have tried. Dal Neitzel wont allow my comments. go figure. if i can stop just one searcher from tromping around in the woods and getting killed, then my comments here are not wasted. i also tried to get with Barry Petersen of CBS’s show “Sunday Morning” no luck there either. i have determined that death is good for the entertainment business. Forrest has been asked to stop this madness and his reply is…”its out of my hands” i believe this to be true because the bronze box was never in the wilderness to be found. FF and crew have an agenda which involves his own passing, and the the chest of the museum. kinda all makes sense now doesnt it?


    1. hi Erica! did you read the reply i left on your thread titled “about”? i explain your dream.
      also, since i dont have your email you can see a photo of the chest at the Draper on Dal’s blog. search “a fun safe side trip” by dodo bird. i am dodo bird at Dal’s.
      thanks erica!


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