The End of a Memory, The Beginning of a Memory

I guess I should begin this blog by describing the who, what, when, why and where.  My name is Erica Jorre.   A wife of 36 years to Charles Jorre.  On September 13th 2014, he lost his battle to cancer.  A retired technician he spent the majority of his days keeping dreams alive.  One of them was the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt.  He would speak to me and our two boys about it often.  “Once I figure this out, we’re getting all the kids and grandkids and we’re going to have the adventure of a lifetime,” he would say. Unfortunately, that time never came. After he pasted, my oldest Tobey said, “We should go out there and look for it.  Even if we’re wrong, we’ll do it for dad.  Maybe he knows where it is right now and he’ll guide us along.”  And so, like many others, I’m creating this blog.  So that some may read and know that life is too short.  If you have an idea for the family, no matter how silly, you have to go out there and experience it.  My two boys, their family and myself plan on going out next June to look for this grain of sand.  I have opened up the notebook my husband had made and placed pictures below:



I remember the day he told me, “I got it!”  His idea for where warm waters halt was the mountains.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that’s actually where they begin, but the picture does paint a different story.



He once thought the punctuation in the poem was a Morse code.  He was cute like that.





Earlier ideas of where warm waters halt.



One of the places he said we would go was Bandelier National Monument.  When Forrest posted clues about the altitude of its location he thought that meant search exactly between the two.  Again, he was cute like that.



He made a map of the search area after Forrest said its past Santa Fe 8 miles (or something like that).



Maybe some of you searchers who have been at this awhile can make sense of these notes.


We’re still looking through his notebook. And figuring out which places we’ll want to go.  I’ll will post updates soon.  I know my husband is still with us.  I know he was at my son’s shoulder, whispering in his ear, convincing us to continue the treasure hunt.  As I know he’s here with me now saying, “No, you’re giving away all of my secrets!!!!”   Love you Charles.

4 thoughts on “The End of a Memory, The Beginning of a Memory”

  1. I’m very sorry to read of your loss and I also in reading I think your husband and I have very very similar ideas. Bandolier National Monument is also my choice based on 2 years of study. Forrest Fenn said look at the big picture and th big picture is the entire North American continent. Warm waters is the Gulf of Mexico and the opposite end is the Rio Grande headwaters. Taking the Rio grand headwaters south of the Pueblo Colorado (home of brown) latitude we head to San Ildefonso Pueblo (Battle ready OR no place for the meek). heavy loads and water high…the truck route through the mountains (which PASSES the Y or “been wise” which is a popular climbing rock) from battle ready to White Rock New Mexico (the Blaze). Look quickly down is the Tyounyi ruins overlook south of white rock in bandolier. And your quest to cease is the dead end trail to the overlook. There is more and I have an EXACT spot pin pointed and am willing to tell you so you and your boys can live His dream.


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